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Coron Authentic Southwestern Art is made from salvaged wood and bone gathered from the American west.  Our unique designs utilize the historic character of reclaimed materials to evoke the early style and traditions of the western United States.  Made exclusively in Arizona.

Honest design exposes the nature of the material & the artist. The medium guides the hand. This is the art of a scavenger.


The wood and bone we use comes from countless sources, countless drives, & countless weekends.  These salvaged materials are not commodities, but pieces of history.  Instead of sanding and laquering to a high gloss sheen, we burnish, polish, and oil to expose the textures.  Each finished piece is unique and held to the highest standards of quality.

Coron -- Authentic Southwestern Art

VINTAGE Southwestern art from reclaimed American wood and bone.  MADE IN ARIZONA.



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