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Coron Authentic Southwestern Art is made from salvaged wood and bone gathered from the American west.  Our unique designs utilize the historic character of reclaimed materials to evoke the early style and traditions of the western United States.  Made exclusively in Arizona.

Honest design exposes the nature of the material & the artist. The medium guides the hand. This is the art of a scavenger.


Salvaged wood U.S. flag from reclaimed American lumber.  We never use stains on our wood, so the color variations used to create the red and white stripes exist naturally in the varieties of old growth coastal redwood and Ponderosa pine we use.  All of our work is proudly made in the United States.   

Trees don’t grow on a single plane. They grow on the north slope. They grow on the south slope. They grow through the canopy of cathedral forests. They grow in the open of a fire born terrain. Straight & refined. Flamed & coarse. The grain of the tree is the texture of the land.


Salvaged Wood U.S. Flag


the specific flag pictured here can be purchased through

mii amo spa at enchantment resort
Kelly Dunagan-Johnson - Director of Company Procurement
525 Boynton Canyon Road
Sedona, AZ 86336
Phone: 928-204-6080.


The lumber for this piece was salvaged from a dustbowl era farmhouse, circa 1920, in the Sonoran desert between Agua Caliente and Roll, AZ (PICTURED BELOW).

The wood for the US flag was salvaged from this dustbowl-era farmhouse between Agua Caliente and Roll, AZ.

The wood for the US flag was salvaged from this dustbowl-era farmhouse between Agua Caliente and Roll, AZ.


  • Salvaged Coastal Redwood & Western Cedar stripes

  • 50 hand set cast iron stars

  • salvaged Ponderosa Pine star field

  • Hand ground steel fasteners

  • Fire blackened salvaged oak banding

  • Hand finished with raw tung oil

  • This flag is built with shiplap construction & hidden seams to allow the wood to expand & contract in both arid & humid environments

  • We use no dyes or paints. All contrasting colors are the result of nature, time, and the historical southwestern structures we salvage from

Dimensions: 71 X 42 inches

Mounting hardware included.

The dimensions & materials of this piece are customizable to your needs, depending on the impact & statement you want it to have. Please contact us to discuss the options.