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Coron Authentic Southwestern Art is made from salvaged wood and bone gathered from the American west.  Our unique designs utilize the historic character of reclaimed materials to evoke the early style and traditions of the western United States.  Made exclusively in Arizona.

Honest design exposes the nature of the material & the artist. The medium guides the hand. This is the art of a scavenger.

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Coron Studios salvages reclaimed wood from a large variety of sources.  The wood is infused with the character of the landscape in which it grew and was originally used.


The wood we use comes from countless sources, countless drives, & countless weekends. 

Mineshaft timbers deep in a mountainside, pulled from their 100 year form with a 50 foot towrope & a diesel-powered Jeep. 

Empty Victorians in the path of the Redevelopment Agency's bulldozer. 

A family greenhouse from the early 1900's, framed with old growth coastal redwood & inland western cedar. 

A collapsing Santa Fe railroad trestle, reaching across a dry riverbed. 

A dairy barn, circa 1906, 6 miles south of downtown Phoenix, near the foothills of the South Mountain Preserve. 

Railcar #502, which serviced the Saltair resort starting in 1919.  We salvaged its interior oak & Douglas fir framing before an arsonist set it ablaze in 2009.